Pulling My Hair Out!

Fresh back from a fun, if wet, camping trip (my daughter’s first), I sat down this morning to begin my next project. This is the one I’d like to bring to NOVA, so I’m trying to deliver my very best effort.

I started with the eyes and got them looking pretty good.

But not good enough.

Like an idiot, I kept touching and retouching every little thing, until they were worse than before, and unusable in my mind. I felt that too many coats of paint were going to obscure the detail of the model, so…

Now the little bugger is sitting in a bath of Simple Green, awaiting the toothbrush that will take him back to raw metal. So after waiting two days to start, now I’m at best two more days from starting over. This does not help my chances of finishing that second model before the competition.

I could scream!


So now here are some lovely pictures from my camping trip to soothe my nerves.  I should have stayed in the woods!


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