Into the Wild

At last I’ve finished this wonderful figure and given him a home on a nice base.

I’m really happy with him.

Random Encounter (FER Miniatures) is a great sculpt, full of possibility.

It’s very dynamic in a subtle way.

It has many fun details to embellish, but it isn’t cluttered.

It lends itself to many settings.

And it presented an ideal challenge for me at this point in my painting journey.

I imagine this character just crossing over the edge of civilization into the unknown. He’s been surprised by something, but he’s more cautious than terrified.

Will he reach his destination? Who can say?


He’s spurred me to continue producing display models (though I expect I’ll continue to indulge all my other hobby interests, as well). Ideally I’ll finish another piece in time to take it to NOVA. That’s my goal!

Leave me a comment and let me know what you think.

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