On the Road at Last

I’ve been working on my Random Encounter for a long time, but lately I’ve been motivated and enjoying the effort of trying to create a display piece that reflects my current abilities well.

At last I’ve started on a base. He’ll be walking on a deserted road, caught unawares- but not unarmed- by some unseen… what? That’s for you to decide.

The main structural feature of the base will be a stone wall. I’ve dangled rocks off the right edge, suggesting that the wall continues ‘out of frame’.

As you can see from all three pictures, I’ve used the shape of the wall to reinforce the sweeping dynamism of the model. The plinth worked well to provide an echo of his splayed feet.

Thematically, the wall crumbles into ruin as it heads off to the left, which might imply that he’s come right to the edge of civilization, beyond which danger awaits.

I’m eager to finish this piece off well and see what I’ve got!

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