Burn, Baby, Burn!

Inspired perhaps by the great painters who have been hanging around the Chap lately, I got the brushes wet and finished off this Company Veteran toting a combi-flamer this evening.

I’ll be out of town for a few days, so I didn’t want to start into a project I’d be forced to immediately abandon. Luckily, I had something I knew I could complete quickly.

He’s going into the Kill Team force and I painted him like I paint all the Eremoi*. You can see that a few key details (the face, the muzzle of the flamer) got a fair amount of attention, serving as the focal points for a otherwise pretty basic model.

The conversion was both fun and frustrating. Painting that Space Wolf beard down inside the Deathwatch collar was annoying, and the legs don’t quite work. There’s a twist in the feet that I’ve disguised as best I can with tilt & lean, but I only have so many usable pairs of legs and needed to make do. It looks a bit like he’s crab walking!

I do plan to get back to some display level painting while I’m off for the Summer, but these gaming figures, whose imperfections I can tolerate, are a great chance to see projects come together quickly and hit the tabletop for some action. Moreover, when I have free time these days, I am trying to ask myself what I want to do and following my inclination without feeling guilty. After all, hobbies are meant to be fun, right?


* I still owe you a backstory for the Eremoi, I know! Leave me a comment if you’re curious and I’ll move it higher on the list of priorities.

2 thoughts on “Burn, Baby, Burn!”

  1. No brainer on the combi-flamer! Since the flamer auto hits you don’t suffer the usual penalty for firing both profiles on a combi weapon, giving you 2 free 4+ bolter rounds at 8”. Plus the bolter makes him relevant outside of flamer range.

    Translation: oh yeah!


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