Exhausted by Moss!

How do you know when you’re finished?

I worked on this for many hours, strained my eyes terribly, and carried a headache around all afternoon for my trouble. I could still add hours more of tiny adjustments in an effort to make it better.

Now, I’m definitely in favor of sticking a project out and meeting the standard you aim for. But there are only so many times a guy can kiss those tiny stalks with a pen before they all get cut in two (or three, or four) by an errant stroke. I certainly cut a few!

When I saw the smiling face emerge from the shadows in the moss, I knew it was time to stop. Can you see him?

As usual, I was inspired by a reference photo. This one was from my mom.

Look at those colors! If only I had the creative powers of Nature! I love a carpet of moss creeping over things.


This drawing is for sale. If you are interested in purchasing it or another of my pieces, contact me for details.

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