Another 10,000 Strokes

I told you, the muse is sudden & insistent!

I guess I wanted to go nuts making a zillion tiny hatch marks again. There’s something very (pardon the word) meditative about it. You have to balance discipline (don’t vary the size of the strokes, alter the angle & density of the marks, AVOID PATTERNS) and an empty mind (don’t trace, don’t fix every apparent mistake, AVOID PATTERNS).

I love this kind of art: finely textured, sort of halfway between realism & abstract, and a little obsessive. I also like it when merely a glimpse is represented. Perhaps I’ll create another scenic vignette soon to further embody these values. First I gotta finish this little guy up, though.

This is the image I used as a basis for the drawing. You can see I’m more inspired by than adhering to Nature’s ‘original’. I use the photograph to draft very basic textural zones in pencil, then refer to it for some preliminary advice. After a while, I put it away and concentrate more on what I’m trying to achieve.

My daughter & I found this nice moss on our walk through Allegheny Cemetery this morning. It was a gorgeous day!

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