Turkey Tails

Every so often I get the desire to create something other than minis and little miniature environments. I always heed this call, but it usually only lasts for a short time. In any event, the muse whispered in my ear a few days ago and I’ve put all my energies into drawing some nice turkey tail mushrooms growing on a mossy tree.

It was a very fun exercise in texture. This is the sort of thing I like to draw, just little funny things like mushrooms and moss and humble bits of nature. I love the way they erupt into and onto the world, coloring it, disguising it, and giving it a new personality. I wish I could draw impressive scenes filled with excitement and so on, but I never seem to be inspired in that direction. Especially in art, I like quiet things, things that are easily overlooked. I probably get this from my mom.

My mother has become a very fine and enthusiastic photographer in her retirement. She has a great eye and sends me awesome reference work/inspiration all the time. Whenever she walks through the woods near my family’s cabin, she always keeps a lookout for any small wonders. Many of the images I’ve used around ToadChapel are hers. It’s always fun to trade creative insights & intuitions with my mom. She encourages me in whatever I do. She’s the best.

For anybody interested in the process, I used Sakura microns & Copic markers.


This drawing is for sale. If you are interested in purchasing it or another of my pieces, contact me for details.

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