Oxide & Patina Technique Step by Step Part 2: Building up the Patina

Here’s Part 2 of Hairster’s step-by-step guide on how to paint the amazing patina effect on his Necron Doom Scythe.

Introducing the second part of Hairster's painting tutorial.


Vallejo Model Air Tinny Tin

Vallejo Model Colour Light Turquoise

Vallejo Game Colour Escorpina Green

Vallejo Game Ink Blue

Vallejo Game Ink Green

Vallejo Game Ink Skin Wash

Vallejo Glaze Medium

reference material.PNG

Step 1 – Translucent layering

 Mix a 50:50 blend of Escorpina Green and Turquoise. And add plenty of glaze medium to create a translucent blend


Apply the translucent mix with either a brush or a small sponge to start to build up the patina colouration. At this stage the colours will appear quite dark but will increase in saturation and intensity as they are overlaid.

brush:sponge translucent

2nd layer

Step 2 – Intensifying the patina

Mix green and blue inks to create an intense turquoise and apply this sporadically to the patina areas to increase the variation in tones. At this point you can also add in various tones of turquoise, white, and GW Nihilakh Oxide to enhance the depth and variation in the patina.

Step 3 – Enhancing the transitions pt. 1

Dilute skin wash using water and begin to apply this to the transitions between patina and basecoat in glazes – this will blend create the bridge between the two colours along the margin of the areas that are beginning to oxidise. This coat can be applied very roughly and wet, as any watermarking that may arise will just enhance the effect

skin wash.PNG


Step 4 – Enhancing the transitions pt. 2

The next step further intensifies the transitions and adds flecks of metallic into the patina areas to create more variation in tone – add glaze medium to VMA Tinny Tin and blend between the two zones once again…irregularity is the key to this whole process

tinny tin.PNG

glaze over transitions

Phil wraps up this incredible tutorial here.  If you missed it, you can find Part 1 over here.

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