Oxide & Patina Technique Step by Step Part 1: Laying Down the Basecoats

This very special guest tutorial comes to you courtesy of Phil Pryce, aka Hairster.  He is one of my favorite painters and has developed some impressive original techniques over recent years.  In this three-part lesson Phil reveals his secrets for an amazingly rich and realistic verdigris effect.

You can check out more of Phil’s work on Instagram.


Welcome to Hairster's tutorial on painting oxide and patina effects.


Vallejo Model Air Chrome

Vallejo Model Air Bright Bronze

Vallejo Game Ink Yellow

Vallejo Game Ink Red

Vallejo Game Ink Skin Wash

Vallejo Game Ink Brown

Step 1 – Basecoat

Prime with your usual primer – colour is not important

Then airbrush basecoat with VMA Chrome

Apply an airbrush coat of VMA Bright bronze to the rear sections of the model to create a gradiated sunset effect.


Hairster lays down a basecoat using an airbrush. br.PNG” width=”1701″ height=”1701″>

Step 2 – Intensifying the colours pt 1

 Mix a 4:1 Yellow to Red ink mix in your airbrush hopper to create a mid orange tone

Airbrush this over the top of the base layer focusing on the transition between the chrome/bronze and the main bronze section. Apply light coats

Inks produce shade and color.

Step 3 – Intensifying the colours pt 2

Airbrush a coat of the Skin wash ink over bronze section of the base coat to add further saturation and colour intensity to the mix.

skin wash.PNG

Step 4 – Intensifying the colours pt 3

Airbrush a coat of the brown ink over extremities of the bronze section of the base coat to add still greater saturation and colour intensity.

brown ink.PNG

Step 5 – Microscratches 

Using a brush with a fine tip apply tiny micro brush strokes to represent scratches – the Vallejo chrome air runs smoothly anyway but if you have issues with it drying on your brush then add in some flow retarder to help. Apply the scratches as you would expect them to appear on a worn vehicle, focussing on leading and prominent areas that would have gotten scuffed in day to day use.

chrome scratches.PNG

You can find Part 2 of this great tutorial here!

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