This sprinting sergeant is slowly making his way across my work desk.

He’s got an auspex and a boltgun, perfect for hiding in the back and farming command points like a coward brilliant strategist.


Though I’ve managed to keep busy at the hobby, it’s been tough slogging lately with work, family, and flagging motivation all conspiring to sap my productivity. When I find myself in a funk, I try to keep engaged with my projects by e.g. writing for the website, building & converting figures to paint down the road, starting a terrain project, or even just reading a 40k novel in the evening. I never want my hobby to feel like a job or, worse, a chore, but I also don’t want to find myself wishing for time back that I wasted on something less rewarding. I think one of the great things about modeling & painting is the fact that you have something to show for your efforts when you’re finished, and sometimes you can gain a sense of pride simply because you persevered through a project when you might easily have quit.

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