Introducing Kill Team Command Academy

Because I love playing Kill Team, talking about Kill Team, and thinking about Kill Team, I’ve decided to start a collection of articles on various strategic and tactical dimensions of the game.

These articles are aimed more at recreational rather than competitive play. I’m not teaching you how to min-max the most dominant factions. That said, I intend to offer what I hope will prove good advice for those wishing to play the game at a higher level and have fun doing it. Even in narrative-driven games, the tension of a tight showdown lends urgency to the story.

My playgroup at this point is small, and I’m hoping to expand it. We do have a lot of teams, though, as you may know from my battle reports.

The judgements you’ll find in the Command Academy are just that: our judgements. I invite you to comment when you disagree, have questions, or can offer other feedback. Let me know if you like what we’re doing or have a topic in mind you’d like us to try to address.



Adeptus Astartes



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