Another Dance with Drukhari

Those pesky Dark Eldar were at it again last night, up to something deviant, no doubt. Well, they bit off a little more than they could chew when they tangled with the Eremoi!

We used the Bay Area Open rules & one of the objective-based missions provided with them. We found the tweaks to the basic ruleset led to a more balanced game that quickly forced tough decisions on the players.

Will’s forces were led by a sybarite, whom he converted using bits from a scourge. Will often has cultural cross references in mind when approaching his minis, and here he alluded to various one-winged angels found in anime and elsewhere.

The model’s not fully painted yet, but it’s already looking impressive.

The numerical advantage of the elves was dented early when my specialists (missile launcher demo, heavy bolter heavy, and auxiliary grenade launcher-toting comms) thinned his ranks. A krak missile took out his dark lance at precisely 24″, followed by four heavy bolter shots (using the More Bullets tactic) and a frag grenade taking out two wyches on turn one.

The Drukhari didn’t have enough range to return fire with any real purpose. However, they ended up scoring 3 points to our 1, due to their great mobility. Will’s advances got him within 2″ of a distant objective, while my attempt to do so failed. He thus scored a point for the second objective and another for securing more than I.

On turn two I was able to lure Will into yielding control of one of his objective by running two juicy tacticals into charge range. One was shot to pieces by a pistol and the other locked into combat after a retreat, but they did succeed in moving Will’s units off the marker.

At the same time, my leader and his bodyguard jumped on the second objective at last, which would draw me even in points at the end of the round.

By this time superior shooting had shredded Will’s force and he conceded. We were tied on forces and I was ahead five models to three.

It was another fun game, but proved once again that (unless they get lucky on their combat drugs), Drukhari are likely to struggle with power armor. The team I assembled around tacticals performed as well as hoped, granting me an extra body while forgoing plasma altogether.

We’ll get some different teams put together next time and report the results here. Get your game on!

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