Welcome to Squander

A few weekends ago some friends and I embarked upon an RPG adventure set in the same universe as ToadChapel. Though the two stories are evolving independently, my character hails from ToadChapel and could, theoretically, return there within the game.

Tom has been developing an RPG system for a long time and began DM-ing with another group a few months before we started. He’s adjusting mechanics as we go, but his wealth of RPG experience and careful forethought made for an incredible initial session.

We’re playing on Tom’s bespoke gaming table, which includes an enormous flatscreen TV set into the surface. With that, Tom can control complex animated maps from his computer while music and sound effects enrich our adventure. We even have enormous tankards to drink from! In all, it is an incredible environment for an RPG.

I joined Will and another friend, Brian, in a town called Squander…


History of the World

Following the First Cataclysm, dragons lived alongside humans, elves, dwarves, and creat (a race of infernal djinni) to bring peace to a young and chaotic world. While little is known of the early years of this era, each of the five races formed a capital city around one of the five pillars of magic.

Humans hold the pillar of mortal magic, controlling the power of life and death. Meta magic is the specialty of elves, granting them the ability to foil other spells, create ethereal barriers against their foes, and open mystical gateways. Dwarves are masters of enchantment, and can imbue objects and individuals with arcane forces. The creat control the pillar of conjugation, bringing forth aid from otherworldly planes of existence. The dragons once wielded the power of evocation, elemental magic capable of shaping the world itself.

About 15 standard years ago, the sole dragon city of Wyvern exploded in what has become known as the Second Cataclysm. Though the cause of the explosion remains a mystery, the few surviving dragons and their half-dragon kin, known as dragonborn, withdrew from the alliance of the five races, claiming that the others betrayed them.


Shortly after the Second Cataclysm, a band of adventurers braved the ruins of Wyvern in search of the legendary wealth of the dragons. Despite many dangers, their mission was highly successful, yielding objects of great value, and many of magical power.

News of their venture traveled quickly. Soon their camp became a haven for those seeking a quick fortune.

Since the camp lies outside the jurisdiction of any of the four allied races, it adheres to the laws, regulations, or customs of none. Little time passed before trade and other industry began to thrive. Sensing an opportunity, the renowned mercenary guild, the Diggers’ Union, set up a Hall, attracting still more adventurers to the town.

This embryonic community, known as Squander to its people, breeds a curious mix of greed, revelry, and adventure. Here fortunes are quickly won and just as quickly lost. Life is cheap. One’s past may be easily forgotten. Opportunity lies open to those with the strength or daring to seize it. It is in Squander that our adventure begins.


Follow the story here.

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