Tool Time 2

Here are a few more of my favorite tools.


1) The Masters Brush Cleaner. This stuff is solid gold and will extend the life of your expensive brushes exponentially. I’ll easily use a Winsor & Newton for several months, and keep them sharp long after they’ve been transferred over to use as a metallic brush or other post-optimal purpose.

2) Try square. This little tool is absolutely money for finding right angles on small surfaces. Mine’s well made by Crown Tools and comes in handy for building structures, mostly.

3) Razor saw. These guys produce clean, thin, straight cuts through wood, plastic, and other materials. If that’s something you need, this is the tool for you.

4) A mini ruler. A regular straight edge is just too big to be comfortably manipulated around most mini-based projects, and I find myself reaching for the smaller version far more often. They’re also far easier to prevent from slipping when you’re applying pressure on e.g. razor cuts.

I can’t find one online without rounded corners.  Mine I purchased at Blick, but they don’t seem to have them in stock any more.

5) Tiny Post-It Notes. Simply the most useful thing ever. Remind yourself, well, anything. I use them to mark next steps in a process that’s been sidelined, jot down shopping lists, brainstorm ideas for Tool Time posts… absolutely everything. They are never out of reach.

I’ll color code what I consider short-, mid-, and long-term goals when useful. This keeps me on track, as I’ll see the build up of Post-Its colonizing my hobby desk and know to clear them out by tackling some of the tasks I’ve identified.


I hope you found a few of these ideas useful. Give me a comment below and let me know what tools you find useful or what uses you’ve found for your tools.

Happy hobbying!

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