How to Feed Orphans

Well, at least how to make a decent lunch that will impress yourself and your friends. But these are the very ones young Mills & Graham ate when they first reached ToadChapel.

These sandwiches just take a minute, they’re cheap, and they’re unusual & delicious.

1) Get good bread. This is the most important part. You need bread with a nice crust on it, a non-crumbly texture, and great flavor.

Awesome bread is getting easier to find in the US all the time, as more and more young people embrace traditional arts like farming and baking. Many other parts of the world have always demanded good bread.

Sourdough rolls work perfectly, though I got mini baguettes from our neighborhood baker (a Frenchman) today.

2) Put cheese on each half of your rolls. These are open-faced sandwiches.

My favorite cheese for this is probably fresh chèvre (goat cheese), and that’s what Mills & Gramm ate the first day they came to ToadChapel. Since I didn’t have any, I just used some Brie with peppercorns in it.

3) Toast it under a broiler or in your toaster oven (faster & less hassle) and drizzle with honey. My honey is quite pale, so it’s hard to see, but it tasted delicious, I assure you.


And that’s it! Almost no work, made with stuff you can get easily or keep on hand, and – most importantly – delmarvelous!

As you can see, ingredients are easily substituted to fit what you have on hand.

I first encountered these sandwiches in Amsterdam after my mother & I had our minds blown by the Rijksmuseum, which had on display the largest exhibit in history of Dutch masterpieces from all over the world.

There’s no reason to claim complete incompetence in the kitchen. Get yourself a handful of reliable, easy recipes that you can make yourself and your friends and get cooking!

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