Chapter III: A Quest… of Sorts

No sooner had this Tù-bïdi Herling hustled away from GaGa’s (he didn’t want to be seen in this part of town) but two frightened human heads appeared at the top of the stairs.

“Who’s that?” said Mills.

“I didn’t steal those chickens, I just had fun chasing em,” said Gramm.

“Come down here, both of you.” GaGa said. Her tone was serious. The children crept down the stairs as if a creaking step might still somehow alert the swaggering dwarf so recently and rudely met. The kids nervously followed GaGa as she walked outside to join Duae. “Sister*, would you go and see what this fuss about a party is all about?”

Dûae quickly agreed, knowingly winking at GaGa as she turned.

“I didn’t steal those chickens. Me and Mills were about to begin our chores, when we sort of got off track,” said Gramm sheepishly. “We didn’t do em.”

“Yes I can see that,” replied GaGa with something like a smirk flashing across her face. “But I also know you didn’t steal anybody’s animals. You’re wicked, but you’re not bad. There’s something I need you to do.”

Mills enjoyed a smirk of her own as she told GaGa, “I know what kind of party that dwarf’s throwing. It’s a search party!”

GaGa looked around suspiciously as she continued, “Go and find those chickens yourself. Somebody’s been up to no good, and the sooner we find them the better we can keep this town from blaming you for everything. No doubt Herling’s told the search party to look for little boys, not lost poultry!”

“He’s probably got every man in town out after us. They already hate us,” said Mills, her voice leaden with concern.

“Sadly, that may be true,” sighed GaGa. “They’re angry because they’re disappointed in something, and they’re mean because you haven’t got any friends yet. But it’s more than that. They’re also jealous, because there’s a bit of a mystery surrounding you, and no one’s really lost interest. Most of our neighbors have a story of how you got here, and they’ve made up their minds about you on account of that story.

“But you need to go find those chickens before those fools stumble onto them and find a way to fault you. You’re both twice as smart as any of those morons, but that only makes four. I don’t have to tell you to avoid the townsfolk for now, right?”

“Mom, we’re not idiots! You always treat us like babies!” cried both kids.

GaGa smiled as she countered, “Ah, so it’s ‘Mom’ now, huh?”

* They were not sisters, officially.


You might notice (if you can overcome the bad photography!) that in the picture where GaGa counsels and cautions Mills & Gramm she is holding a crossbow. That’s mostly because it’s really hard to find high quality minis that aren’t holding weapons. Red Box & Hasslefree, which I’ve used exclusively to this point, are also a small 28mm scale, which further limits options. And while dynamism can be great, it doesn’t make the lack of static poses any less problematic for me. Printed resin has become so good that this issue is hopefully, and most likely, on the way out.

The other reason she’s got a bow is, of course, because she could become part of an adventure at any time!


Now, after those chickens!

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