Tales from ToadChapel

In a small village quite far from just about anywhere, the good people of ToadChapel live out their lives much as their grandparents’ grandparents did. The rest of them do too.

Change comes drifting slow to ToadChapel, but in that place an unlikely and unusual community of many races mingles the sundered and meandering streams of humanity, to say nothing of other decent and sociable types. No one really goes to ToadChapel, they just end up there.

You can find all sorts in this village, just like anywhere else.

Villains and rogues prey upon the weak, innocent, and unsuspecting.

Others maintain order.

The woods around ToadChapel are full of dangerous beasts.

While the inn is full of stories and songs of great heroes whose travels took them through the wild to ToadChapel. The greater part of those is doubtful, and all are doubtless stretched.

And at the center of it all stand a pair of siblings, Mills and Gramm. Who they are, how they came to ToadChapel in a fearsome storm, and what troubles may follow are mysteries. Only they can determine where their road leads from here.


The creation of ToadChapel is an open-ended project involving many different interests of mine and plenty of real people. All of that will become clear over time.

For now, join us as we explore the village with Mills & Gramm. We hope your road leads you to ToadChapel someday.

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