Here comes a big dumb ox.

I’m liking the patinated bronze on his censors.


I don’t really need this fellow for my team, but I’m resolved to paint what I want (most of the time, anyway) rather than fill my hobby with a sense of obligation. It’s too easy to get into the mentality of ‘working,’ which isn’t what I mean to do with my free time. I try to paint with purpose, yet free from any self-imposed pressure.

That said, these gaming figures provide a great place to practice the skills of more technically refined pieces. I’m trying to paint faces, as well as many nubbins & doodads, to my display standard. I can practice textures on leather, cloth, and other materials. If nothing else, the effort put into conversions warrants the care.

The more tabletop features of the minis (e.g. wash-based shading on the green armor, flat pure reds, simple metals, lack of edge highlighting in most places) are intended to serve as a kind of uniform and neutral canvas to display the individualized elements of the conversions themselves.

My goal is to create an army that looks almost as if it’s painted to a display standard, without devoting the time needed to glaze perfect blends into every pauldron. And since I’m far from an expert blender, that keeps things moving and keeps me sane!

Ultimately I can live with imperfections, keep new projects flowing across my desk, and share my painting with others on the gaming table, while still creating minis I’m proud of. Kill Team has definitely been a great spur to creativity and productivity! I hope your team is coming along nicely.

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