Plague… Psykers?!?

My buddy Tom & I played a very enjoyable game of Kill Team this afternoon.

He eventually wants to play Grey Knights, so we proxied in some suitable Death Guard as gangrenous psyker transhumans.

On the Christmas Planet, the heretical texts of the Santa Cult speak of Cora, Destroyer of Worlds, wandering the night sky above.

That’s my cat Cora up in the tree fishing ornaments off with her little paw.

To war!

This was my force today. I was pumped to get my heavy bolter on the table. I’m really happy with the way he turned out. Technically my sergeant was not properly modeled, so his comrades burned with shame at that.

Though the intercessor in the rear hasn’t got anything but primer on him, the rest of the team looks great, I think. I’m really proud of these guys and I’m still having fun creating what I hope are interesting little personalities for each.

Objective secured.

Turn three, the highlight of the game. One tactical Dark Angel and one Grey Knight -er, Gross Knight- lie dead in the center of the board after Tom bullrushed my gunline. The heavy bolter (SW corner on platform) & the psilencer (NW on platform) have exchanged a few rounds of ineffective, but very loud, shooting.

I’d been readying everybody every turn, and never did move a model in this game. I liked my position, I had buffs to throw around (comms & auspex), and we were in rapid fire pretty much the whole way.

My new heavy bolter-wielding demolitions specialist is hitting and wounding on twos- though he has seen enough of war and rolls only ones. Tom maneuvers one of his Gross Knights (NE corner) out of LoS of all my DA except for the heavy bolter, who threatens the whole board from his elevated position. Though my specialist is the fifth guy away from the psyker (because GK are all psykers), he’s in range and is the only visible enemy. Psybolt! POOF!! It was a really clever use by Tom both of the terrain (to block the LoS of my whole team) and of the Grey Knights’ unique rules (and this is a rule that does not at first appear too sexy, given that you can still only use one psybolt per turn). That’s why I love playing games with Tom!

Ultimately some ceramite-bursting blasts (bit of hot plasma, krak grenade from an auxiliary grenade launcher) and better weight of fire from the stout hearted Eremoi Dark Angels proved decisive, but on turn five (the final turn) Tom had a psybolt and four shots from a storm bolter to take out three guys- had he done so, he would have secured the win!

It was a close game (with a few rules missteps, as usual) and a fun one. It wasn’t my plan to set up a gunline, but it worked out that way. The demolitions/heavy bolter & comms/auspex combo worked well, putting out a ton of super deadly shots. My rolling was terrible, but it did what it was supposed to! The sniper/plasma set-up is just an assassin. Safely overcharging the plasmagun, he’s so good on his own, and great with a buff or two.


I have a lot of projects, some quite large, that I either am working on or wish to work on, but I still really like adding models to my Dark Angels team. I do wish GW would provide some means of differentiating Dark Angels, Blood Angels, and Space Wolves from the vanilla chapters. At the very least a couple of stratagems.

Deathwing! Hellblasters!! Knights!!!

Happy hobbying to you!

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