Eldritch Elf: 12 XII 18

Let’s get a little light on this situation!

There’s little left to do on this fun project. Most important had been the painting of the illuminated portions of the lamp.

My idea was to use pointillism to create a weird but not immediately implausible effect. I wanted the light to look dingy. I also wanted the lamp to function almost like a black hole, sucking most of the light around it into itself. Hopefully the chiaroscuro makes a bit more sense now!

The lamp is painted sort of reverse OSL, I guess, where the object emits light only directionally.


The lamp’s light is oriented down toward the scene directly before the viewer, where the slimey runoff also meets your eyes. Lovecraft describes the building as tall, so I wanted the space to be distended vertically. Even though the scene is tiny, you can still create a sense of imposing bulk. The goal is simply to create the impression that we stand before Gilman House, confronted with the loathsome prospect of a night within its walls. I find that clear ideas such as these free up the problem solving parts of your brain to discover & explore creative opportunities.

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