Eldritch Elf: 6 XII 18

Ok, here come most of the main structural elements of the scene. I’ll need to create a road, which will pretty much leave me with details (probably few) and painting. Now it starts to look like something, perhaps, but this is super easy.

We can make a doorstep from another little piece of foamcore. I bashed it with the metal brush (a texture I did not use on the wall) and gave it a little filing where the feet would rub the stone down smooth. Just a few little nicks with the knife, too.

Using the wall as a guide, mark the corners and a few spots around the stone. This will help us with gluing later.

Our rough guide to placement.

Sigilize it.

Quite a bit of glue!

To put down the doorstep and to secure to the wall to the (… I’m sorry, I forgot to photograph it!) little support behind it, I used thick, almost pure wood glue. I also used a small amount of carefully placed superglue to anchor the wall, since wood glue will not have an ultra strong bond to plastic. Then all exterior surfaces get a coat of very thin wood glue.

Using the door as a means to keep things off the glue (unstuck) and preserve the texture & dimension of the foam wall, weight that thing and go to bed.

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