Fun with Fluorescents

I’ve always loved fluorescent paints & pigments.  They’re the brightest!

I use them in a lot of different ways, and I thought I’d share a few of those ideas with you.


Two travelers (bound for the eponymous ToadChapel, a sprawling project that is still simmering in the back of my mind).


What’s this?! The woman is a sorceress!

The light in the room is only partially dark, so you’re only able to see the strong use of orange fuorescent paint on her robe.  I’m applying ultraviolet light with small LED here.

In the world/game for ToadChapel, different ‘special effects’ of painting have mechanical implications.  As you might expect, this exotic beauty is primarily a fire-weilding mage.

It might be difficult to see, but her ring & the dangly ball on her staff are actually purple, indicating access to a bit of eldritch magic as well.

The inconspicuous halfling does have a whiff of magic about him, too, but it’s harder to see.  Just as the hobbit is himself easily overlooked, his powers are not immediately apparent.  On his staff you can see another easy special effect in the use of the high gloss varnish against a matte finish.


If your party has defeated a band of highwaymen such as this fellow, you’d loot them, right?  In the game, you can only claim a single item.  On a chud such as this, most of the gear is worthless (he’s swinging a stick at you, which is why you beat him), but he has a few interesting items he’s stolen from passing travelers.  Look at those fancy red boots!


Doh!  Should have grabbed the spoon in his hat.  Would have granted an extra food per day.

You can see that the grass around ToadChapel is also magical.  Primal earth magic. Coincidentally, I began using fluorescent green to highlight my flock because it gave me the realistic color I want.  Grass is green, man.  Really green.  Look at it!

*For what it’s worth, the fluoro green will dull over time.


Tùrmundd, the wayfarer, a dwarf without a home.  He goes in search of…


Magical trinkets!  Tùrmundd’s satchel holds his stash of minor magical items (and a perhaps a few fakes).  For our RPG campaign the party’s starting out as naive and bumbling amateurs.  However, as the campaign continues and I improve my gear I’ll return to painting Tùrmundd and add more magical effects to him, making their true nature more obvious as they increase in power.

I am very happy with this particular effect, as I was able to conceal the fluorescent paints fairly effectively when the figure is under full light.  I only drew the effect down from the inside of the satchel, creating the sense that the etheral glow is spilling out of the pocket.


Look out, little buddy!  The Spirits of the Earth are angered by the greedy delving of your kind!

So far, my most outrageous use of fluorescent paints has been this tribute to H.P. Lovecraft’s ‘The Colour Out of Space.’  The piece was sent to a fellow Lovecraft fan in Argentina in the H.P. Lovecraft Historical Society‘s annual Secret Shoggoth exchange.

Check it out under ultraviolet!


Leave me a comment and let me know how you use fluorescents!

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