Tabletop Action

Over the weekend my brother-in-law taught me the rules for the GW Kill Team game. We weren’t using the expanded commander rules yet.

We played a game of T’au (Will) against Thousand Sons (yours truly), which he won.

I love rank & file and skirmish scale games, so this format is very appealing to me. Though the available units for each faction are few, the weapon loadouts, specialist abilities & tactics, and the faction tactics should provide variety. While I’m looking forward to more HoR, where I can use e.g. terminators, hellblasters, and my new apothecary, the new Games Workshop format has a lot going for it.

The turn structure is great, with alternating actions between players. We may well incorporate this wrinkle into our HoR games, as it reduces the penalty of going second and introduces interesting tactical decisions into the game.

I also really enjoy the tiny ‘killzones.’ Keep your eyes out for some custom boards in the weeks ahead!

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