Four Album Heroes Tutorial

Last week I banged out seven of these guys from Zombicide Black Plague. I took a few pictures of the process. I used washes and simple color schemes to get the figures up to tabletop standard, then maybe picked out a few details to catch the eye.

First a dunking into wash/ink onto white primer. This quickly lays down a unifying background color, begins shading recesses, and helps the eye pick out the model’s details.

Colors are blocked out simply and not that fastidiously. The models texture is used to guide rough zenithal or other lighting, but I don’t make too much of a fuss about it. Many areas get no highlighting at all.

More washes are used throughout the process to keep the look grimy and unified. Later, when certain details are then picked out, they’ll stand out the more clearly.

Here most of the details have been picked out from the sculpt. Thundergut is further along than the ladies, who still lack faces.

Once all the skin is highlighted up, I use inks to put life into the flesh. Thundergut is a drunken dwarf (like, drunker than a normal dwarf, even), so he’ll need a red nose!

Finished! This is Gwen, my favorite character. She’s based upon a character design by Paul Bonner.

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