Attack of the Plague Marines!

Today I taught my best friend Tom to play Kill Team.  The basics, at least.  We’re looking forward to lots of exciting games to come.


Emerging from the ruins of an ancient ritual site, a band of plague marines ambushed the Dark Angels as they strove to disable an exterminatus device threatening the destruction of an entire world.  Once the weapon was located, forces from both sides converged upon a central square.

The Emperor tipped a few dice rolls in our favor early, putting a mortal wound onto a plague marine with my first sniper shot.  Soon thereafter, a grenade hitting five times took out a his plague belcher before he could fire it up, also putting a wound on his champion.  My plasma gunner drew a hail of bullets, but he fought bravely before the end, giving the rest of his team enough time to whittle down the opposition.  Opposing terminators dropped in on turn two, but mine proved better able to lend support where it mattered.

Going forward, we’re hoping to put together an elite Grey Knight army for Tom.  Tom’s a great gamer, so I’m eager to see the ideas he brings to the table!

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