Storm the Church

Will & I played a good game of Kill Team today, using a lot of new terrain pieces.  Most of the terrain is still unpainted, but it’s already a lot of fun to play with.  We hope to expand our battleground options as much as possible.

Sergeant Bane was tasked with the retieval of a powerful relic, the Chalice of McGuffin, which was believed to lie within an abandoned church upon a largely feral agricultural world.  Once again our allegedly heroic Dark Angels encountered the resistance of the soft and technology-dependent T’au, who were waiting for the Angels when they arrived.

The Dark Angels craftily moved into cover to avoid the devastating T’au guns, while gaining ground on several objectives.  Our scout sniper, who had infiltrated into an ideal shooting position, began his strafing of the entire board, which would last the entire game.  On turn two I was able to unload plenty of plasma into Will’s left flank, while my own left survived the dangerous barrage from his stealth suit & a rail rifle-equipped pathfinder.


By the time Will’s crisis suit arrived from reserve on turn two, I had grabbed the momentum beyond retrieval.  Aided by some benevolent Dice Gods, I was able to methodically pick off his units and force a rout test, which he failed.  Victory to the Sons of the Lion!

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