Doomsday Device!

24 VI 18

This week the soft and arrogant T’au tried to gain control of a powerful McGuffin newly discovered on a little known world on the edge of the Imperium (we’re still a bit thin on narrative…).  Responding to a ambiguous tip from an unnamed ‘source,’ our stalwart team of Dark Angels arrived just in time to prevent the xenos from overrunning the backward agricultural planet and its token defense force.

24VI18 Gr

The 200 points of Dark Angels were led by a grim and relentless sergeant.  He was able to restore the discipline we lacked against the disgusting Plague Marines.

By using cover effectively during the battle (and by maintaining their power armor in peak condition beforehand!), the Dark Angels applied overwhelming firepower to half the board.  Our boltguns tore a detachment of exposed fire warriors to shreds.  With three objectives secured, Phase 1 of our strategy was completed.

The enemy leader was wearing a stealth suit and sniping from a crow’s nest that commanded the center of the board.  His removal was critical to our success.  The Dark Angels’ new Deathwing terminator arrived via Deep Strike on turn two and promptly unleashed hell with his twin-linked storm bolter.  Phase 2 complete!

On turn three the Deathwing located the Doomsday Device, fortuitously completing Phase 3 of our strategy.   At this point commander W’ill was forced to send his poorly supported crisis suit into a brawl in the center of the board to contest my control of the victory condition.  The Dark Angels terminator introduced the T’au to his power fist, two other marines piled in, and the cowardly xenos were sent packing.  All hail the Emperor!

24VI18 Ac

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