Painting Maulg was a serious investment of time & effort, taking well over a month, and my OSL experiment mini bust, which I called ‘What Have We Done?’, was short but intense. I wanted a little palette cleanser while I waited for some models to arrive, so I pulled out this dinosaur I’ve had for years.

I got him painted in three fun days.

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Fear by Firelight

I finished a mini in a week. Gotta be some kind of record for me!

What a wonderful sculpt. I enjoyed every part of the process. Best of all, I jumped into the OSL effect with both feet and didn’t crash and, ahem, burn.

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Creating a Little Patch of Land for Your Minis

I got some nice feedback (thanks!) on the base of my recently completed Maulg figure and a request to explain how I put it together. I happened to take some pictures along the way (for some reason I was giving a friend an unsolicited play-by-play), so I’m able to offer a pretty detailed tutorial on various aspects of the construction & finishing. I’m also happy to share some of my principles, planning, and intention when doing bases and vignettes.

Ok, here we go!

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BaM’s TMM Darkened Steel Tutorial

Our man BaM is back with another great tutorial. He paints minis all day every day, and he has refined his techniques over many years. One thing he’s mastered for sure is gritty true metallic metals. This time he’s walking us through the creation of a TMM suit of darkened steel armor on a chaos warrior.

What are you waiting for? Grab those brushes!

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Crossing the Finish Line!

After many weeks of painting and modelling, my Maulg is finally finished.

I challenged myself a lot on this project but enjoyed the whole process. I definitely became more comfortable and confident with NMM and the broad use of stippling.

The base came together pretty readily, but still offered a lot of fun. Trying to capture the force of the wind with the rushes and the ribbon, hiding tiny mushrooms & flowers among the grass, and the creation of the rocks with Milliput all gave me a chance to create a rich and detailed environment. Great stuff.

I hope at some point we have some painting competitions. I’d love to show him! Even barring that, though, he gave me a great learning experience, a model I’m proud of, and many hours of sheer enjoyment.

Thanks for taking a look. Let me know what you think!

Papa Smurf

Though my posting has been sparse, I’ve been getting a lot of time on the hobby bench lately. Progress on Maulg is steady, but there’s often not a lot to show for it, as I’m going very slowly and trying to paint as well as I possibly can. It’s intimidating to approach a figure this way, but liberating at the same time. To just recognize that you’ll aim for your absolute best, but that it’s still a learning exercise, that you’ll fail some things you try, and that it won’t be as good as you can perhaps imagine helps to explode hang-ups and open the doors to improvement.

Here’s my boy. He’s starting to look a little closer to finished, though there are still entire bits left to paint and some major adjustments still to come.

Using a very similar palette on all elements of his ‘clothing’ and ornaments posed a challenge, but I wanted to avoid drawing attention away from the face and other more important sections.

I’m taking feedback from a few sources, which has improved the quality of the painting already. Feel free to add your thoughts, too!

Week in the Woods (26 IV)

Cassie, Dada, and even Mama got out into the woods this past week, sharing some beautiful Spring flowers, sunshine, and fellowship. The woods have really woken up and offer a chance to restore spirits taxed and tired by isolation.

Nature makes me so happy with its extravagance, ingenuity, and surprises, and Spring is perhaps when the natural world gives most generously to the human soul.

Not to be undone by a carpet of violets and spring beauties, these tiny British soldier lichens were showing off in a forest full of blooms. I was super excited to find them… Cassie & her mom left me behind as I took picture after picture! Read on to see what else we found!

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